By Simone (from the 80’s Seminar Series)

Ever go to a festival, pick up a syllabus, and all you see looks like Japanese?

Many people have asked how to write cue sheets for their steps and dances, and others bring cue sheets to me, glaring into my eyes, their hair standing on end SCREAMING **


Asking me how to write a cue sheet is a big deal to me because I usually have at least one BIG mistake in mine.

However, Bill Nichols and myself have worked together and put together a system that is very simple (if you look at it more than once.)

There are those who do not care for this system:  But-t-t, if the world could only do things one way — we would still be living in caves!!

Take a look and follow the progression of writing a basic:

1) Start with a cross bar

cue sheet cross bar designed by Simone Nichols Pace

2) Add L & R to the bottom for feet

cue sheet cross bar with L & R -designed by Simone Nichols Pace

3)  A Basic is Double Step Rock Step.
Start at the Bottom, and add to the cross bar.

cue sheet cross bar with L & R -basic-designed by Simone Nichols Pace

4)  Complete the step by adding the count at the left

cue sheet cross bar with L & R -basic-with count-designed by Simone Nichols Pace

Feel like Arthur Murray? Why start at the bottom? Think of it as a big diagram with the f00t prints on it. Follow the feet up the page —–EASY AS PIE! Now try a couple of steps.