Senior consultants with 1 or 2
Active Team Members receive
their Pearls of Sharing
Necklace and their Senior
Consultant  Pin Enhancer
Star Team Builders with 3
or 4 Active team members
receive their Star Team
Builder Pin Enhancer,  
Their "Red Means Go"
Necklace AND they can
wear the beautiful RED
JACKET to MK Functions!
Team Leaders with 5 - 7 Active Team
Members receive their Team Leader Pin
Enhancer, continue to have the
opportunity to wear the Red Jacket to
Mary Kay functions,  plus have the
opportunity to go "ON TARGET" for the
Chevrolet Malibu!
Future Directors with 8 or
more active team members
receive the Future Sales
Director Pin Enhancer and
the future Sales Director
Scarf.  Plus continue to
have the opportunity to
wear the Red Jacket to MK
functions, qualify for the
Chevrolet Malibu AND can
submit their intent to
become a DIRECTOR IN
Click the photo to see the
story that was in the
Spartanburg Herald
Welcome Success Express!

This page is for current Unit Members as a
resource for your business and a place to
celebrate your success!
Simone's Success Express

Unit Meetings are on Tuesdays 6:30 - 8:30 the address is:

280 Giles Heights (Corner of Giles & Builders Court)
Boiling Springs, SC  29316

Arrive at 6pm with your guests to have refreshments with us! - PLEASE RSVP by
noon so I have a head count! (Please call by noon with your head count)

Professional dress Please!  Appropriate attire for the meeting - Black skirt, white
blouse & Beauty coat if you have one!

6:00 - Refreshments
6:30 - 8:30 pm Makeovers, Photos & Marketing

Conference Calls every Wednesday from 9 to 9:40 pm
218-339-3600  Access Code:  664283#

I am available to hold your first party for you or give you your initial facial - just
contact me for a convenient date.

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